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You can review anything and everything under the sun. You can review your favorite panwala or you may review ice-cream parlour outside your office campus. Share your memory of how you felt when you first time visited any local govt office or any private bank. Shouldn’t that incident deserve a review ? By-The- Way don’t you remember your last air travel, were you satisfied? Have you gone to the stadium to watch your favourite team playing? In every day of your life there is something that you feel awesome or you are disgusted with the experience. There are social issues that are disturbing you and you want your voice to be heard. Its perfect opportunity for you to post a review here.

How It Works

1. Review whatever you want

Start reviewing today. Search for a topic you want to review and add your comments about that topic. Aren’t you finding any topic of your interest ? Wow! That means you are pioneering in this field. Add a topic and then post your review for that topic.
Each of your review post will help build a warehouse of consumer and social awareness.

2. Earn reward points

In every step with us you are rewarded with certain points. Whether you are posting a review or like a review or sharing your favorite reviews in social media or stopping people from posting abusive reviews. Every single activity of yours will be rewarded with points which will accumulate to wining a prize at the end of every month.

3. Win prizes

All that points you have earned will be put together to form a list of winners for every month. There is huge number of prizes for every month. So keep posting reviews every day. There are lots of things going around you that deserve a review to be posted. Here’s your chance to make your voice heard and build a notional networking.