About Us

We help build your decision making. We are notional networking. We work as a catalyst in wide spreading social and consumer awareness. We provide a platform to make your rising voice heard.

Our Mission

Spreading the power of awareness. We are here to help you grow your social and consumer awareness. At the same time you can help others to build their too.

Our Vision

Building a database of awareness is not easy. You are the one who can build it, you are the one who can get the benefit out of it. They said, sharing of wisdom is the way to increase it. Your string of notional views can only enrich this warehouse of awareness.

3 Easy Steps!

Review items : Start reviewing today. Search for a topic you want to review and add your comments about that topic. Aren’t you finding any topic of your interest? Wow! That means you are pioneering in this. Add a topic and then post your review for that topic.
Gets rewarded : In every steps with us you are rewarded with certain points. Whether you are reviewing or sharing your favorite review in social media or refraining people from posting abusive review. Every single activity of yours will be rewarded with points which will accumulate to wining a prize.
Be a winner : All that points you have earned will be put together to form a list of winners of every month. 77 odd people can be the prize winner for every month. There are several prizes to play for. So keep posting reviews every day. There are lots of things going around you that deserve a review to be posted. Here is your chance to make your voice heard.