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Winning Prizes

  • Register yourself.
  • Post as much review possible. Theres a lot happening arround you. Some of them bothers you, some of them delights you. In both the cases they deserve your comment in this forum.
  • Like and share other's review posts. This will help spreading the awareness and brings you valuable points as well.
  • Dont forget to invite your friends. You will earn handsome points there.
  • Follow those above strategies on regular basis. After all your friends are trying hard to beat you.
Only winners will be eligible for prize. However if you are not the winner, still you are not a looser. The points you accumulates will bring you back huge discount coupons. We are about to open that window soon.
  • Winner will be the people who will be able to accumulate highest point for the month. To be eligible for the contest, you need to fulfil some criteria.
  • Other than this, some special rewards will be given on monthly basis based on the engagement of the user.
  • * You need to post at least 10 reviews a month to be eligible for wining Rs 10 amazon gift voucher.
  • * You need to have at least 15 friends to win Rs 1000 amazon voucher for highest friend list.
Activity Minimum count
Login to the site At least once in a month
Posting a review At least 3 review per 7 days, for every 7 days of the specific period.*
Comment on a review post At least 3 comments per 7 days, for every 7 days of the specific period.*
Adding a friend At least 5 friends per month.
Sharing a review in social media At least 10 shares per month.
Like a review At least 10 likes per month.
Subscribe a review topic At least subscribed to 2 topics per month.
*Any activity done after 28th days of the month won’t be considered for the 4th quarter; i.e 22nd to 28th of the month.
There will 77 odd prize winners every month. So, first 77 people will be considered for the prizes for the month. There are 5 classes.
  • Class A : 2 winners for coupon valued Rs.500 each.
  • Class B : 5 winners for coupon valued Rs.200 each.
  • Class C : 10 winners for coupon valued Rs.100 each.
  • Class D : 20 winners for coupon valued Rs.50 each.
  • Class E : 40 winners for coupon valued Rs.25 each.
Gift coupons equivalent of Rs.500, Rs.200, Rs.100, Rs.50 and Rs25 will be given as per the classes they fall in.
Classes will be determined based on the accumulated points for the months. First and Second highest points holders will be considered for Class A. Next 5 highest points holders will be considered for Class B. This way it will continue till the 77th highest points holder.
It is on monthly basis. So if you can not make it to the first 77 list of this month, you can always fancy your chances for the next month.
Coupon code will be emailed to user. Winner will be getting a notification in his profile section. Winner will also be able to see the coupons in the profile-coupon section.
A winner list will be published on monthly basis. You can view it on Burning Topic->Prize Winner.
Activity Point Explanation
Register in website 20 Receive points after completing the registration process.
Posting a review 15 Receive points after posting a review.
Comment on a review post 12 Commenting on a review or comment.
Successfully abuse a review/comment 25 Once a review or comment under any review is marked as abuse, that will go to the admin for final decision. If admin finds the post really abusive, then user who mark the post as abuse will get the points.
Wrongly abuse a review/comment -25 Just opposite.
Adding a friend 10 Once the friend request is accepted.
Sharing a review in social media 5 When a review is shared in user's social media page.
Like a review 3 When user click on the like button any review or comment under the review in the review listing page.
Subscribe a review topic 2 When user click on the subscribe button for any topic.
Invite Friend 50 Per user

User Profile

Once you are logged in click on your user_name displayed on the top left side of the navigation bar.
Yes. Lots of our features are based on your geographical co-ordinates. So updating your address is important.

Posting Review

This is not just a review website where you post review for some places, products and services. Here you can post a review for an event, for an individual for a social issue…for everything you can think about. It’s not just a review website it’s a notional networking.
  • You can review anything under the sun.
  • While posting a review be as much informative as possible. Do not use any vulgar or inappropriate language. Your content at any time or under any circumstances should not transmit, propagate, disseminate, publish or otherwise make known or attempt so to do any matter or material that is defamatory, libelous, illegal, racist, communal, offensive, spam, scurrilous, obscene or vulgar.
  • Search for the topic you want to review for with the help of the search icon present at the navigation bar.
  • If you find the topic, just click on the ‘Write Review’ button to start writing a review.
  • If you cannot find your topic, you can always add it.
  • Type in your topic name in the search.
  • If you do not find any auto suggestion matching your topic, then click on the search icon.
  • You will be provided with a button to add your topic.
  • While adding a topic, always choose category and sub-category very carefully.