Banarasi Chaat Bhandar

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Rated 4.5 You know , I have enjoyed quality food , cuisine , and the recipes before moving Varanasi . Here I found that the people have no clue about Quality food . Here they prefer quantity , not quality . People here sell such disgusting food that you will think if this place really is in India and people here eat with full enthusiasm and enjoyment . But one day i come up to Varanasi Chaat Bhandar , and believe me for few moments I forgot that I am in Varanasi . The snacks were much better than the others , I will recommend you that if you are a guy like me that prefers quality not think about price then this is the place for you . Really I enjoyed very much .
Rated 4 Best
Rated 3 Till now I didn't visted probably in future I'll denifitely visit that place.The rating I have seen is 3.5 which is very good and the address is 354, Lake Town, Block A (Beside 'Bal Hanuman' Mandir), Kolkata 70008.
Rated 5 What a superb place. High quality indian snacks at very low cost. They have decorated the place very well. The best place for hanging out with your friends at laketown.
Rated 4 We visited this place couple of week ago. In between our evening walk, we just stopped by seeing the cool look of the place. We have ordered broccoli pakora. Taste was awesome, presentation was more than good, and hospitality was superb. But quantity was not as per waht I expected. But still due to all other vertue, we have ordered keshar lassi and tomato chat. Lassi was fabulous and tomato chat has got me make its fan.

They prepare authentic vanarasi style food. They prepare their own spices and that is the speciality of the place. You will find a unique taste.

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