Levis jeans

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Rated 4.5 i own sevral pairs of levis jeans and to be honest they are the best jeans ever. so comfortable. they are expensive but worth it.
Rated 4.5 Levis is very popular for its denim products and over the years, it stands as the most fashionable brand there is. The jeans are very comfortable and durable. I personally pick Levis as my favorite denim brand.
Rated 4.5 Its a top brand, their high waist jeans are really good due to their good fitting, the color doesn't fade .
Rated 4 A very good brand of jeans
Levi's is very famous also
It's adds to our social value
But jeans are quite thick
This makes them uncomfortable
to be worn in summer
So do prefer cotton jeans
Rated 5 It's a very nice and strong jeans. And it's a branded company jeans so it's also last long.. so I recommend to everyone you can go for it.
Rated 5 You know you're gonna see 5 stars if it's levis
Rated 4 Best brand of jeans for style and fitting
Rated 5 One of the best jeans in this planet
Rated 4.5 Top brand Levi's more comfortable never seen like this branded clothes
Rated 5 Levi's good quality jeans
Rated 5 Yes these jeans are awesome as well as these are choice of young people today in india
Rated 4.5 Levi's good quality jeans
Rated 5 Levi's is very high quality brand and jeans fits perfectly
Rated 5 Good
Rated 4.5 in terms of quality and design, Levis is the best. However in terms of cost, many other brands comes in the market and hence i deducted 1/2 points for it. Local as well as imported competitors comes to the showroom with varied options and colors. Levis no doubt has the quality but it have to think for their offers and price.
Rated 5 Wow
Rated 5 Nice Jean's with imported denim and branded . With attracting look

Rated 5 Visited Chadstone & Melbourne Central stores and bought Levis 501 jeans- staff were so friendly & went out of their way to assist by writing down jeans i.d. numbers & making suggestions without being pushy. You don't get service like that in many stores anymore. Thanks guys!
Rated 2.5 vi Strauss & Co is a privately held American clothing company known worldwide for itsLevi's brand of denim jeans.
Fabric used is high quality,reliability is very high and availability is every where.
Though it has a lot of pros the main con is the price.It is very high as compared other company.
Rated 3.5 Expensive jeans. But will last long.

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