Mosquito racket

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Rated 5 this is one of the best inventions ever. i own one of these. it is so helpful in eliminating mosquitoes which helps in preventing diseases. recomend this product to everyone
Rated 5 Best for use
Rated 4 Yes i also used this. this is great invent .
Rated 5 It's is a very good device. Unlike mosquito coils or other liquid electric devices, it does not produce any smoke. Thus it is a great way to kill mosquito which does not harm the environment and also does not affect our health .This device saves our health in two ways .One by not polluting environment and other by killing pathogen carrying mosquito and insects.
Rated 1.5 Mosquitos shouldn't be treated this way
Rated 1.5 Mosquitos shouldn't be treated this way
Rated 4 It's a very good thing because it save life of common people from mosquito's but yes it's my personal experience that it's life is not long means with 2-3 months it gets damage... And for middle class family it's quite unsatisfied.
Rated 5 Mosquitoes: haha wings go brrrrr
This racket: not today kid
Absolutely worth it
Rated 3 A great invention for saving life and peacefull sleep
Rated 4 It is very good tool to protect from dengue and malaria
Rated 4.5 This is pretty awesome
Rated 5 Good product for the prevention of mosquito es
Rated 4 These type of electric mosquito rackets were very helpful to save us from those flying killers. mosquitos spread many diseases so to prevent them, these rackets were very useful.
Rated 5 Good product for the prevention of mosquito es
Rated 5 A mosquito racket is really good product to save yourself from these creators. Racket is better to use than other chemical products which creats faulty smell in home with their chemicals and dangerous for health. Anyone can use racket
Rated 4 It's very useful on daily basis and battery is very good.batter than the camical
Rated 5 Suoer
Rated 5 Electronic mosquito racket. This is a very good and handy way to kill your household mosquitos. Just use it like a tenis racket to hit the mosquito. Thata all. Instant result and easy to use. Get rid of all the mosquitos in minutes.

You need to charge it once for 1 hour and you can use it for several days. Not very costly though. Only Rs 219.
Rated 4 When it comes to India, and especially when think for the monsoon nights, there is always mosquitoes which irritates us a lot. Using Vaporizers, Chemicals, Gases, repellents not work so much and it sometimes harmful for humans. Well, there is new invention of this electric racket which helps a lot for avoiding mosquitoes and the same in very interesting way. Electric racket helps a lot in killing mosquitoes as well as other flying insects with a "Boom" sound. Small Children finds a fun in it and they also loves in playing. There is little spark with sound is the best feature which not hampers humans. Good Invention for India.
Rated 4 The best alternative to liquid vaporizers like All Out, etc. with no harmful vapors and simple usage.

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